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The Tefag Electronics was founded in 1992 by Mr. Alex Mauerhofer and Jakob Stark as a service provider in technology consulting, development and manufacturing management. They led the company successfully till 2009. Then, they sold the company for reasons of age at the German electronic company Rawe in the Allgäu.

This high-tech company has 30 employees. It has extensive technology knowledge, particularly in the areas of infrared optical sensors, laser and LED drivers, high-speed data transmission, CAN-Bus connection and power management, especially in the range of Lithium-Ionen/Polymer battery technologies.

The German parent company Rawe has 150 employees and is successful as an electronics service in development and production of larger quantities as well as being active in sales for 35 years. They catert major customers worldwide in the areas of medical technology, commercial vehicle and automotive industry as well as industrial electronics or as the case may be.